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Mex engineering is the racing division of PreciDenn Sàrl, which is a company specialized in the research, development and production of high technology tools for automotive, aeronautic and medical industries. PreciDenn Sàrl is a supplier to Bugatti, Peugeot, Mitsubishi MEA-MHI, Siemens, Kuhn, Liebherr, SEW, INA,... and other known automotive factories. With an over 30 years experience of expertise in the most advanced technology industries, one of the PreciDenn Chairman, passionate by Motorsport, and with a large experience at the highest motorsport levels, decided, a few years ago, to create a new service into his company, fully dedicated to the development , designing and manufacturing of high technology products for Motorsport, and especially for Karting, Motorcycle and Formula Sports.

The manager, engineers and producers of mex engineering parts are living with love for motorsport and an extreme passion for the development of new parts, which will bring a real advancement in different cases. 7 Work Axes priorities are fixed by the Manager of mex engineering to his collaborators : WEIGHT REDUCTION - FRICTION REDUCTION - PARTS LIFETIME - PARTS EFFICIENCY - QUALITY - RELIABILITY - PERFORMANCE. The last mex development for whom we are very proud of, is a new chain transmission for KZ Karts, composed by engine sprocket, rear axle sprocket and chain. This transmission, that we completely invented, was actively developed during 18 Months and designed with special alloys, high technology and specific geometry, and for which we are in the process of filing the patent. With engine sprockets more than 50% lighter than the original 428 type sprocket, and the complete transmission (engine sprocket, chain and rear axle sprocket) around 30% lighter than the original 428 type transmission, added to our Ultra Low Friction Technology, we can honestly say that our mex products, engine sprockets and rear axle sprockets, which composed our mex transmission are actually the most technically advanced and attractive transmission for Racing Karts in the world.

Our 2 production plants are located in east of France, near the german border, and are fitted out with the latest generation of CNC machines, multi-axes of very high precision (+/- 0,005 mm) used for the production of each designed mex engineering part. With around 20 people working for mex engineering projects, we are able to move quickly towards new developments in technology for all types of products and motorsport fields. To guarantee the Perfection for our marketed products and the satisfaction of our customers, we worked , for all our developments, in close collaboration with professional factory drivers, who helped us, with their experience, exigencies and focus on details, to reach the absolutely perfect product.

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